Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Back; and "A Second Look"

Hey guys, sorry for my leave of absence over these last month, I've had a few distractions due to school and whatnot, but i'm back! and I've been struck with inspiration from a friend of mine's note on Facebook. He (whom I will keep unnamed) used the Facebook Application of Notes to put his thoughts of the well-known Bible verse Genesis 1:1 ("In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the earth.") because he believed that Christians, on a large scale, take for granted the verses that we have always been taught since Vacation Bible School.

When I read his note I began to think of his opinion....and how it totally made sense. I mean, sure I believe John 3:16 and that God did create the universe...but do I add as much importance to those truths as I should? For crying out loud, God created the UNIVERSE, not just a lego town, not just a AP English project, He created the entire UNIVERSE: me, you, them, the grass we walk on, the sky we stand under, the stars we gaze at, the Grand Canyon, the NIV, the NLT, the KJV, He created it all. Yet people shrug this fact off as a minor truth that has just always been accepted as a "yeah, and...?" kind of thing. We need to get a grip!

So that is my basis for this New Series of Blogs i'm going to post.

Tomorrow I will be starting "A Second Look" with John 3:16 and will continue on with the series through next Monday.

Until then, God Bless and don't be a stranger =)



Beverly said...

I look forward to your writings, Jared. We who have grown up in the Word take so much for granted and glibly accept it all without really thinking about what it truly means.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jared. You certainly correct that it is easy for Believers to become so accustomed to hearing and reading the Word that we fail to see the significance of getting communication from our Creator, not just some fictional "Being" out there somewhere in our minds.